October 2019 (version 1.30.0)

1.30.0 Update


Welcome to the new DeepScan updates!

Please kindly go ahead with the highlights for the latest release.

Release Summary

This version includes a number of updates that we hope you've found some of them helpful.
The key highlights are:

  • New rules - New rules for unused parameters and invalid regular expressions.
  • Easier team invitation - Now you can invite your team members directly from your GitHub organizations!

New Rules

We have enhanced our rules. The enhancement includes unused parameters in a local function and invalid regular expressions with anchors/backreferences.

Check the new rules!

Improved Rules

Easier Team Invitation for Your Organizations

We've seen inconveniences of inviting members to your team. One of those is to manually type the full email, and another is the mismatch between invitee's work email (such as deepscan@yourcompany.com) and his GitHub primary email (such as deepscan@gmail.com).

Now you can directly invite your teammates in GitHub organizations by simply selecting the organization. If the email of the organization member is not present, just copy the invitation URL and share it.

Happy teaming!

Invite from Your Organizations


Bug Fixes

  • A false alarm for BAD_USE_STRICT may occur in arrow function body without braces
  • A false alarm for MISMATCHED_TYPE_OF_ARG may occur when a spread argument is used
  • A false alarm may occur when a class has a static method named apply or call
  • Alarm message for REACT_MISMATCHED_TYPE_OF_PROP may report invalid type description when PropTypes.oneOf() is used
  • Alarm message for USELESS_CALL may report incorrect API name
  • Alarm location for SYNTAX_ERROR is incorrect when extraneous closing parenthesis exists in a regular expression literal
  • this object inside a class static method is incorrectly recognized as a class instance
  • In File Viewer, excluding a file with an absolute path excludes all the files matching the name