November 2020 (version 1.43.0)

Welcome to the new DeepScan updates. Since we have supported Vue 3.0, we focused on enhancing and fine-tuning the support.

Read over the notes to see about new features.

New Rules

The following Vue.js rules are introduced:

Analysis Improvements

  • Support ECMAScript class private fields in TypeScript files
  • Support TypeScript declare modifier on class properties
  • Detect VUE_DUPLICATE_PROPERTY_IN_OPTION alarm for properties returned by setup()
  • Improve analysis precision of predefined Vue instance properties
  • Improve analysis precision of ref objects returned by Vue APIs such as ref()
  • Improve analysis precision by reflecting properties returned by setup()


Bug Fixes

  • A warning for the failure of an ESLint analysis is displayed although the analysis has completed successfully
  • SYNTAX_ERROR is not reported for property initializer inside TypeScript ambient contexts