March 2020 (version 1.35.0)

1.35.0 Update

Welcome to the new DeepScan updates!

Please kindly go ahead with the highlights for the latest release.

ESLint Integration

Our ESLint analysis has a pre-defined set of supported plugins, and the analysis has failed when your configuration has the unsupported plugin.

But from this release, the analysis does not fail and aggregates alarms of the supported plugins. For example, if you have a .eslintrc.* file and it has set of plugins such as eslint-plugin-json and eslint-plugin-jest, DeepScan now can show the alarms of eslint-plugin-jest by simply skipping the unsupported eslint-plugin-json.

We hope this change helps folks with various ESLint configurations!

Also the following plugins are added/updated:

Analysis Improvements

  • Support TypeScript 3.8 import/export type


  • Refine the sort of rule setting to consider multiple impacts
  • Reset the scroll position of a page navigation. Also applied when opening the File Viewer again.
  • Provide Vue.js examples in the Demo page
  • Refine the sort of rule setting to consider multiple impacts

Bug Fixes

  • Bootstrap modal's backdrop remains when navigating back/forward
  • Code highlight is wider than the issue location occasionally.
  • When adding emails for sharing, enter/space/comma keys do not apply.

Thank You

Thank you to the following folks who help to make DeepScan better!

  • @labsvisual gave a very detailed and thoughtful considerations to improve our package. We will try to keep up with your valuable suggestions.