Make your JavaScript better

We developed DeepScan, a cutting-edge static analysis tool for JavaScript code.

JavaScript has become the most popular language, but static analysis for it has not been around because of the dynamic features of JavaScript.

We have researched JavaScript code analysis for years, and now released DeepScan analyzing JavaScript code by data-flow analysis and precise rule sets. By this, we want to help JavaScript developers to write more robust and clean code.

We believe that JavaScript will be more important, and we'll continue to research and implement our work to that end. Use our tool to make the code a better one.

DeepScan Team

Bae Sunggyeong

Sunggyeong is a software engineer of the engine team at DeepScan. She is a social geek who loves to learn something new and share them with friends.

Byeon Yeongtaik

Yeongtaik is a front-end developer. He is easy going man while UI/UX trends are changing faster. But do not worry about our site because he is the most caring and responsible man.

Cho Wooyoung

Wooyoung belives that we can make the universe better and it's accelerated by the power of humour and DeepScan. He is trying to do what he wants to do after conquering the universe, such as being kind to everyone or speaking against injustice. He is responsible for DeepScan servers and two adorable children but only some of them are manageable.

Choi Jaejoon

Jaejoon is a software engineer. That's all.

Choi Woongsik

Woongsik is a static analysis specialist. He is leading DeepScan engine development and is enthusiastic about making it fast and efficient. When not reviewing code or devising new features, he enjoys doing wild experiments for faster code.

Kang Hyungoo

Hyungoo is the team leader. Software for developers was always a primary concern for him. He led Tizen SDK development project for several years, which includes IDE, UI Builder, toolchain, emulator, static/dynamic analyzer, and DevOps. Other works such as programming language research, SW platform development, web based SDK for an IoT service platform, authoring tools for virtual reality explain his passion for developers’ software as well.

Kim Kangho

Kangho is a product manager. His interests include delivering the product as smooth as possible and coding in weekend.

Kim Sewon

Sewon is a software engineer of DeepScan engine. Besides tinkering under the hood dreaming of the perfect engine, he enjoys spending time at some suburban brunch cafe and being naive playing with his daughter.

Lee Suyoung

Suyoung is our sales star. When you have any questions regarding the business with us, contact him by

Lee Yeongkyoon

Yeongkyoon has been playing a management and pre-sales role. Interested in SDK, DevOps, and ALM (Application Lifecycle Management), he had experiences in developing operating system, virtual machine, and Tizen SDK.

Won Jihye

Jihye is a software engineer trying to write correct code. She also likes typing on her new Majestouch keyboard. When she is not in front of a computer, she enjoys trying to do ballet with pointe shoes, and playing with her little cat 'Luna'.

Miss You

Sean McFadden

Sean was an intern on the service team at DeepScan. In his free time he enjoys listening to a lot of music, hanging out with friends, running, and stumbling through OpenGL. Sean is a very talented developer and we wish him all the best of luck, holy moly!

Kim Youngjoo (Amy)

Amy is a very sociable software engineer. Her interests include open-source JavaScript frameworks/libraries, finding valuable rules for JavaScript developers, and program analysis. Since she seeks work and life balance, she has various active hobbies such as ballet, swimming, scuba diving, going music festival and so on.

Lim Changhun

Changhun is a software engineer who loves JavaScript and its open ecosystem. At home, he enjoys playing with three little sons who never get tired.