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Why is DeepScan Different from Linters

Beyond Conventions

DeepScan focuses on finding runtime errors and quality issues rather than coding conventions.

DeepScan is ideal for you if you are serious about JavaScript code quality.

Semantic Analysis

DeepScan follows the execution and data flow of program in greater depth. This enables finding issues that syntax-based linters can't.

Simply put: DeepScan is a cutting-edge static analysis tool for JavaScript code.

Adaptable & Actionable

DeepScan classifies issues by 2 categories and 3-level impacts. So you can focus on major issues first and gradually.

Also noisy issues are aggressively suppressed and detailed guides are provided to let you simply know where the problem is.

How to Ensure JavaScript Code Quality

Code Inspection

Inspect your JavaScript with a single click. Available to developers using JavaScript, TypeScript, React and Vue.js.

GitHub Integration

Analyze your code in GitHub repository with automatic synchronization and code review for pull request.

Effective Rule Sets

Find practical bugs and code smells by data-flow analysis. Keep false alarm rate below 5% by elaborate filtering of detected issues.

Issue Trends

Issues are historically merged. You can track project's code quality over time.

Editor Plugins

You can see bugs and quality issues on the fly in your Visual Studio Code, Atom, and Eclipse.

Team Support

You can see an overall picture of your team regarding its quality status, code issues and lines of code.

How DeepScan Can Help You

Better Code
  • Check your code in terms of code quality lint tools can't detect
  • Learn best practices for JavaScript
  • Catch mistakes before committing
Better Project
  • Keep up with code quality status of team projects
  • Get the measure on the project
  • Increase confidence before code ships
Used by thousands of teams around the globe

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