You can choose subscriptions for your teams from the team's settings page or pricing page.

Billing plans

Available subscriptions (billing plans) are:

  • Free plan—Totally free
    • Free plan gives you public projects with 100 seats per team.
    • You are on this plan by default.
  • Trial plan—Totally free for 14 days
    • Trial plan allows you to give it a try for our paid plan.
    • When it expires, it will automatically switch to Free plan. Before your trial ends, you can upgrade your subscription to continue using your service without interruption.
  • Paid plans—Paid for team seats
    • All paid plans provide the team with more features, such as private projects and Team Dashboard. To see all the features included in our paid plans, check out our pricing page.
    • You have unlimited seats as you pay.

Upgrading your plan

Team owners can upgrade team plan.

Upgrading from Free/Trial plan

You can upgrade to paid plan as your team want to use private projects or to continue Trial.

  1. In the team's settings page, click Upgrade Your Plan on the Plan tab.
Upgrade Your Plan
  1. Choose seats and billing cycle.
  2. Check a summary for the plan.
  3. Click the plan you want to upgrade to. When you are on Free plan, you can start your trial or upgrade to paid plans.
Choose Your Plan To Upgrade

Payment methods

You can pay for your subscription by making regular payments.

  • Credit Card

    We accept credit card payments securely processed by 2Checkout. If you agree the payment using a credit card, we'll charge for your automatic payments. For more information, you can refer to here.

  • PayPal Account

    We accept PayPal payments. If you agree the payment using PayPal, we'll charge your PayPal for your automatic payments. For more information, you can refer to here.

Purchasing more seats

You can easily purchase more seats as your team grows. Your payments will increase to cover the additional users according to your payment method.

Downgrading your plan

Once you downgrade your plan, you can no longer access the private projects and those projects are no longer analyzed automatically. When you downgrade your plan, changes are applied at the end of your current billing date.

Your plan will be downgraded either:

  • Payment is not made on your next billing date
    • You cancel a billing agreement in PayPal
  • Team owners choose a downgrade directly. See below.

Downgrading your plan to free

Team owners can downgrade your team to Free plan at any time.

Note that downgrading to free affects at the end of your current billing date.

  1. In the team's settings page, click downgrade to a Free Plan under Change Plan on the Plan tab.
  2. A new popup is displayed.
  3. Click Downgrade.

Cancelling your subscription

If you no longer want to use your service, you can cancel your subscription at any time. However, if you cancel your subscription before the month or year is up, you still pay for the full month or year.

You cancel your current subscription either: