Pricing that fits with you

DeepScan is free for open source projects.
A paid plan brings with it more private projects for your team.


For open source projects

  • Unlimited public projects
  • JavaScript/TypeScript analysis
  • Auto sync with GitHub
  • Grade system for code quality
  • 3 months of historical trends


  • What is the trial?
    Just signup with your GitHub account and use the trial for the full functionality of our paid plan (No credit card is required). After 14 days the trial will automatically expire. You'll need to upgrade your plan to keep using DeepScan for private repositories.
  • What is a seat?
    Team seats are subscriptions assigned to members in the team. Each member of your team occupies one seat, so you can add seats accordingly.
  • Can I change my billing plan or cancel?
    Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription whenever you want. Also, you can add seats for your subscription but removing seats is not supported. To cancel your subscription go to the team's settings page and hit "downgrade to a Free Plan" under the plan tab.
  • What form of payment do you accept?
    We accept PayPal. If you prefer other payment methods such as credit card or wire transfer, please contact us.
  • How will you bill me?
    We'll bill your payment method according to the plan you choose, either monthly or annually. If you don't want to get billed for the upcoming period, you can cancel your subscription at any time on your team settings page.
  • Are there any additional charges?
    No. The price depends on the seats in your subscription and on whether you prefer to pay monthly or annually. Additionally, purchasing a DeepScan subscription via an annual plan will save you approximately 16%.
  • Are your charges prorated?
    Yes. All the seats added partway through the month or year will only be charged for the days until the upcoming billing date.
  • Do you offer non-profit pricing?
    Selectively. Please contact our team for details.
    For GitHub Students, we are on-boarding to the GitHub Student Developer Pack.
  • Do you offer Enterprise plans?
    Yes. DeepScan Enterprise is the suite of packages that users may be interested in licensing when they want DeepScan on private sources behind the firewall. It includes products such as editor plugins, SonarQube plugin, and Node.js package. Visit here for more information.