DeepScan Enterprise

DeepScan Enterprise, which includes products like on-premise server, editor plugins, SonarQube plugin and Node.js package, is the suite of packages that enterprise users are interested in licensing when they want to use DeepScan on the private sources behind the firewall.

DeepScan On-premise

DeepScan On-premise is the core application that powers our hosted DeepScan installations ( This covers everything related to getting it running on your own infrastructure and local network. All data including source code is stored on machines that you control.

Also, DeepScan On-premise includes the same great set of features as

Features DeepScan On-premise
Advanced JavaScript static analysis
Cutting edge rule sets for JavaScript errors and code quality
Quality status management of the project
Automatic analysis for code changes
Support for GitHub or GitLab running on local network
Easy deployment with Docker image
Team Dashboard Paid plans only
System settings for administrators
User and team management