DeepScan Enterprise Getting Started

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This document leads you through some of the basics of using DeepScan Enterprise. It contains the following parts:

What is DeepScan Enterprise?

DeepScan Enterprise is a suite of packages that provides a way for you to use DeepScan on your own environment.

For example, you can host your own, and analyze code in your local folder, and manage the issues in your SonarQube. When you use DeepScan Enterprise, you can manage your JavaScript projects on your GitHub Enterprise or GitLab behind the firewall instead of

Why use DeepScan Enterprise?

When you have a large-scale JavaScript code base, managing its quality is often complex. You should deal with the code quality from coding to deploy. DeepScan, engineered to support a full-fledged JavaScript analysis, helps you to manage your JavaScript more reliably through the full development cycle.


DeepScan Enterprise provides the packages to be integrated seamlessly with your workflow. The packages are:

  • On-premise host your own to integrate with your Git server
  • Enterprise Tools are various packages for enterprise users such as editor plugins, SonarQube plugin, and CLI tools


DeepScan On-premise is the core application that powers our hosted installations ( This covers everything related to getting it running on your own infrastructure and local network. All data including source code is stored on machines that you control.

It includes the same great features as

Guide Description
Administrator Guides In-depth guides for organizational administrators who are deploying, configuring, and managing a DeepScan instance.
User Guides Documentation for organizational developers and project managers to learn everything about DeepScan.

DeepScan provides Docker images allowing you to easily install DeepScan On-premise on your instance.
To get the images for your trial, you need to contact us.

Enterprise Tools

DeepScan provides various tools for daily use of enterprise users.

Those tools consisted of editor plugins, SonarQube plugin, and CLI tools can help a whole development team with developers and managers.

For details, see this page.