September 2020 (version 1.41.0)

1.41.0 Update

Welcome to the new DeepScan updates!

Please kindly go ahead with the highlights for the latest release.

New Plan for Small Teams

We're launching Lite plan, a subscription designed to help small teams use the premium DeepScan features.

The Lite plan launches with the following:

  • A private project
  • Team dashboard

With the Lite plan, you can enjoy most of our premium services at lower price.

Vue 3.0 Support

Celebrating the Vue 3.0 'One Piece' release, we have supported the following for the analysis of Vue.js 3:

  • Support globally imported h function
  • Support <teleport> built-in component
  • Support emits and setup option
  • Support beforeUnmount(), unmounted(), renderTracked(), and renderTriggered() lifecycle hooks
  • Support v-is directive
  • Support v-model directive argument and custom modifiers when used on custom components
  • Detect VUE_ASSIGN_TO_READONLY_PROPERTY alarm at app.config
  • Detect VUE_BAD_COMPONENT_NAME alarm at app.component()
  • Restrict VUE_BAD_API_RETURN_VALUE detection on render() to projects using Vue 2.x
  • Restrict VUE_MULTIPLE_TEMPLATE_ROOT detection to projects using Vue 2.x
  • Restrict VUE_V_IF_WITH_V_FOR detection to projects using Vue 2.x
  • Reflect the precedence change when v-if and v-for are used in the same element
  • Recognize component options objects at createApp(), defineComponent(), app.component(), and app.mixin()

ESLint Integration

We finally deliver to support ESLint 6 and 7! To date, we supported only ESLint 5 so the project configured with higher ESLint versions can not be analyzed. Now you can set the ESLint version in the project settings as you actually use. To see the supported plugins in each version, refer to here.

Note: The default version is ESLint 7. But the existing project enabled for the ESLint analysis remains as ESLint 5 for the compatibility.

ESLint settings

New Rules

The following Vue.js rules are introduced:

Analysis Improvements


  • Design updates to the pull request analyses

Bug Fixes

  • All members of a GitHub organization are not displayed in the team invitation
  • A code fragment (such as including a <template>) is not properly escaped
  • Project status about not-synced and deleted repositories is not shown
  • Variables, refs, and local components referenced inside Vue inline-template are incorrectly recognized
  • Analyzer may abnormally terminate when a try or finally block starts with a function declaration
  • Syntax errors may not be reported for incorrectly placed TypeScript type annotations