DeepScan is a JavaScript code inspection tool targeted for code quality management.

DeepScan detects the types of bugs and code smells that developers and lint tools normally fail to detect, and helps you to improve JavaScript code quality.

DeepScan consists of an analyzer which understands the execution flow of JavaScript program and web service which provides a user interface to the end user.


Component Description Additional Information
JavaScript specifications ECMAScript 2023
  • Fully support ECMAScript specifications
  • React JSX
  • Vue.js single file component
  • Astro component
  • Flow
TypeScript specifications 5.2
Source size 30,000 lines per file 10,000 lines per *.astro file
Processing speed 7,000 lines per second
False alarm rate Less than 5%
Analysis Technology Data-flow analysis and call-graph analysis
Alarm rate Error: 0.7 per 1,000 lines of code
Code Quality: 2.8 per 1,000 lines of code
Metric from popular 200 GitHub repositories
Rule set Error 174 Runtime exceptions and logical errors
Code Quality 61 Common pitfalls for developers
React 52 Specialized rules for React
Vue 55 Specialized rules for Vue
SonarQube Integration SonarQube plugin embedding our analyzer and rules. For more information, contact us.