July 2020 (version 1.39.0)

1.39.0 Update

Welcome to the new DeepScan updates! We hope that you are doing well in the current public health crisis.

Please kindly go ahead with the highlights for the latest release.

New Rules

The following Vue.js rules are introduced:

ESLint Integration

The following plugins which are quite common in Vue projects are supported:

Analysis Improvements


Bug Fixes

  • A false alarm for VUE_DUPLICATE_PROPERTY_IN_OPTION may occur for options specified with arrays
  • A false alarm for VUE_UNUSED_LOCAL_COMPONENT may occur if the root <template> has an src attribute
  • Alarm location is incorrect for attribute values without quotes inside Vue template
  • Alarm location and impact for VUE_DUPLICATE_ATTRIBUTE may be incorrect for v-bind directives with the same LHS parts
  • Analyzer may abnormally terminate when the overwriting assignments appear before UNUSED_VAR_ASSIGN alarms