March 2024 (version 1.61.0)

Welcome to the new DeepScan updates. This release includes ESNext using declaration support and many improvements for suppressing excessive alarms.

Thank you for your continual love and support!

Analysis Improvements

  • Support ESNext using declarations for explicit resource management
  • Support Next.js async server components
  • Filter-out CONSTANT_CONDITION alarms on unnecessary optional chaining of always non-null values because it is usually harmless
  • Improve analysis precision on optional chaining to filter-out more INSUFFICIENT_NULL_CHECK alarms on unnecessary optional chaining
  • Improve analysis precision on property access expressions to filter-out more NULL_POINTER alarms on already null-checked expressions


Bug Fixes

  • A false alarm for INSUFFICIENT_NULL_CHECK may occur when an access appears after Array.isArray() check
  • A false alarm for ITERATE_NON_ITERABLE may occur for AsyncGenerator objects at yield*
  • A false alarm for SYNTAX_ERROR occurs when class or function is used as a property name after optional chaining
  • A false alarm for SYNTAX_ERROR occurs for overloaded private methods in TypeScript code
  • A false alarm for SYNTAX_ERROR may occur for nested TypeScript conditional extends type
  • A false alarm for VUE_MISMATCHED_TYPE_OF_PROP may occur for the modelValue prop when v-model is used
  • Variables named Vue may incorrectly be recognized as the Vue constructor