September 2017 (version 1.6.0-beta)

1.6.0 Update


We've released a 1.6.0 DeepScan service which enhances TypeScript support.

Keep reading for the highlights for this release.

Release Summary

This version includes a number of updates that we hope you will enjoy. The key highlights are:

Enhanced TypeScript Support

Starting with 1.5.0 release, we've supported TypeScript.

We are happy to announce the support for 2.5, the latest stable version of TypeScript. We promised TypeScript 2.4 support earlier, but TypeScript is rapidly changing and we got 2.5 support on the way.

Introduced improvements are:

  • Support latest TypeScript language features including optional catch variables, dynamic import, for-await-of and generators
  • Better syntax error detections
  • Report only the first syntax error because other syntax errors are usually not meaningful

And, TypeScript-compiled files are automatically excluded.

New Rules

More React rules

The following new rules check React runtime errors or warnings. Check out here for full React specific rules.

Improved Rules

  • Detect unreachable break statement after return statement in the loop
  • Fixed duplicate alarms on && and || expressions
  • Provide detailed alarm message when the cause is type annotation
    Condition 'Array.isArray(className)' is always false at this point because the parameter 'className' is annotated as string type at line 25.
  • Filter-out alarms on common initialization checking pattern of x = x || foo()
  • Detect alarms on never initialized closure variables
  • Detect alarms on never used closure variables

Node.js Package

It'll be easy to fix an issue once you see there's an issue before code ships.

So we hope that our tool can be used easily in the developer's hand. As part of the efforts, we implemented a Node.js package which enables you to see bugs and quality issues in the CLI (command-line interface) or by the programmatic API.

Using the results, you can inspect your project in the local PC and integrate with CI as you want.

Please check it out.

Note: Available only to partners.

Node.js Package

History for Status Changes

Starting with 1.3.0 release, we've provided status management of an issue.

Now you can see your historical changes when and why you changed the status of an issue.

Additionally, you can add an optional comment when you change the status. Comment will be on the history also.

Status Changes

PNG Support for Badge

We encountered a problem when adding the badge to our Visual Studio Code extension. Publishing an extension with SVG file is not permitted due to security concerns.

Trying to register DeepScan as a trusted badge provider, now we provide PNG badge also. If you prefer a PNG than SVG file, just replace .svg in the badge url with .png.

Happy badging!


  • Introduce login page. You will be redirected if you have an authentication problem.
  • Preserve login state although a user goes back immediately after log-in.
  • Show a proper progress view although an analysis ends quickly.
  • Demo: Change language configuration on drag-and-drop in editor.

Bug Fixes

  • HTML entity is broken in the rule description of Issues view.