June 2017 (version 1.3.0-beta)

1.3.0 Update

Welcome to our fresh dashboard!

We've released a 1.3.0 DeepScan service. We continue to polish the UI with our brand identity and to support React rules.

Keep reading for the highlights for this release.

Release Summary

This version includes a number of updates that we hope you will enjoy. The notable highlights are:

New UI

After introducing our new logo since previous release, we've been newly colored.

Logo, Home, and Dashboard are designed with the new colors. To be honest, we could not provide Dashboard aligned with brand identity in the previous release and are happy to deliver it now.

We hope you enjoy its freshness!

New Logo & Colors

New BI: LogoNew BI: Colors

New Dashboard

New BI: Dashboard

Thank You to the following forks that made the UI even better:

  • Jung Yunho
  • Hahm Daehoon
  • Woo Changgyun
  • Im Hyeyoung

Private Repository

Starting in this release, we support a GitHub private repository. Though we are in BETA stage and do not provide paid plans yet, we added one private repository support to help users using only private repositories.

In Repositories view, you can now see your private repositories by selecting Private type in the left.

Note: One private project is provided for your trial experience. If you're interested in using DeepScan for more private projects, please contact us.

Private repository

Pull Request Integration

Let's rock with DeepScan on your pull requests!

When you add a project, DeepScan configures your project with webhooks and can automatically analyze a project if code changes with the webhook.

Now we support this automatic analysis also on pull request. You can directly see the checks on GitHub when someone creates a pull request to your repository.

Checking a pull request

And you can see new and fixed issues for the proposed code in DeepScan. Your review workflow can be easy.

Viewing a pull request

More React Rules

Starting in previous release, we've concentrated to deliver React specific rules.

We added new rules as follows:

If you'd like to read details, please refer to React Rules.

Enhanced Status Management

Issue Status

We enhanced issue statuses into "Open", "Confirmed", "Won't Fix", "False Positive" and "Fixed" from "Open" and "Fixed".

You can now review your issue and change its status as you assess. For example, you can set a 'False Positive' status if you assess the issue is invalid.

For more information, please see this.

Issue Listing

We received a lot of feedback for displaying a number of issues in Issues view. Now you can see the number of issues for selected conditions. We hope this helps you to understand project status.

Improved Issue Listing

Changed Grade Rating

We determine a grade of the project by the heuristics based on issue density and are regularly refining this heuristics in order to make the grade more meaningful.

By analyzing 150 GitHub open source projects, we changed threshold for each grade.

Briefly described as follows:

  • Changed an empirical threshold for each grade. By analyzing 150 GitHub open source projects, we tuned it. When you get a 'Good' grade, you can see your project as top 30% of the 150 GitHub projects we evaluated.
  • Getting a 'Good' grade has been a bit harder.
  • 'Normal' and 'Poor' grades are rated only by high and medium impacts.

For more information, please see this.

See the trends of your issues.

In Overview, you can see the number of issues over time. It can help you to track whether project's code quality is getting better or worse.

Issue Trends


Project Setting

Project setting is applied at the project level. When you change the setting, it will affect all the branches of the project.

Thus, once you change the rules or exclusion to be applied, all analyzed branches will be reanalyzed with the changed setting. Also it will be applied when you start to analyze a new branch.


Do you have any other ideas on how we could improve the service?

We would really appreciate any feedback you can give us. Feel free to send feedback!

Bug Fixes

  • For non-analyzed branch, Files and Settings view does not work correctly.

Known Issues

  • On Safari before 10.1, you cannot download a file in file viewer of Issues and Files view.