Billing in GitHub Marketplace

You can purchase plans through the GitHub Marketplace. GitHub allows you to purchase one plan per account. You can link this purchase to your team in DeepScan.

Note: By GitHub's policy, you must directly manage your plan purchased through the GitHub Marketplace. That means you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan in GitHub instead of DeepScan here. See About billing for GitHub Marketplace.

When you purchase a plan from the GitHub Marketplace with your GitHub account, you will be taken to the DeepScan service site and you can select which team you want to link with plan.

  1. From the Select Team combo box, select a team to apply the plan.
  2. Click Select Now button.
Select a team

Note: The drop-down shows list of teams where your role is the owner.

You can also link the plan to a newly created team.

  1. From the Select Team combo box, select Create Team.
  2. Type the name for your team.
  3. Click Select Now button.
Create and select a team

You can select a team later when you do not want now.

Note: Even if you do not select a team, you will be paid for the plan you purchased from the GitHub Marketplace. We recommend you to select team as soon as possible.

You can view the Select Team dialog again via the notification bell at the top or the GitHub Accounts section in Account Settings page.

Show Select Team dialog in notifications
Show Select Team dialog in Account Settings

Note: You cannot change the team of the plan once it is selected. If you want to link another team with the plan, you need to delete the current linked team and select again.

Viewing your billing information

You can find out your team's billing information on the team's settings page.

It also contains information of your GitHub Marketplace account linked to payment.

GitHub Marketplace billing information

You can only view information in this page. When you click Manage Seats, Manage Billing Cycle, and Downgrade to a Free Plan, you will be taken to the GitHub pages.

Viewing the plans with your GitHub accounts

You can find out your plan information purchased from the GitHub Marketplace and team information linked to the plan via the GitHub Accounts menu.

GitHub accounts

The list shows your GitHub personal and organization accounts that you are registered as an owner. If you have plans that are not yet linked to your teams, you can select teams by Select Team button.

Only one plan per account is available through the GitHub Marketplace. If you want to manage more teams, you can make payment directly via the Plan tab on the team's settings page.