DeepScan for Atom

DeepScan provides an Atom package enabling on-the-fly analysis for JavaScript and TypeScript in development.

DeepScan Grade


DeepScan for Atom, based on Linter, helps you to see bugs and quality issues on the fly in your Atom.

  • Report issues in the Linter view when you open a JavaScript or TypeScript file and save it. The only supported extensions are *.js, *.jsx, *.mjs, *.ts, *.tsx, and *.vue.
  • Highlight issues in the code.

You can browse it in the and install from within Atom.

It's free and open source.

Atom package


Yes, it's free but note that:

Free version transfers the code to the DeepScan server for inspection when you save your changes.

Although your code is completely deleted from the server right after the inspection, you should confirm that your code is transferred to the DeepScan server.

You can confirm it by pressing the Confirm button that appears when restarting Atom after the installation.


You can configure options (enablement, server, ignored rules, ...) through settings.

Check out all of the options here.