Payment and billing

To use your DeepScan service with your GitHub private repositories or beyond your free trial period, you need to start a paid subscription for the team. Here's an overview of how billing works and some of your options.

Choosing a billing plan

  • Monthly
  • Yearly—You get a discount by committing to a year of service.

When you change the billing cycle, it will take affect on your next billing date.

Switching between monthly and yearly billing

If you decide to switch to yearly billing from a monthly billing plan, or vice versa, your team will be moved to your new billing cycle on your next billing date.

To switch the billing cycle:

  1. In the team's settings page, click Manage Billing Cycle under Change Plan on the Plan tab.
  2. A new popup is displayed.
  3. Select Monthly or Yearly to switch to.
  4. Review your new payment details, then click Switch Cycle.
Change billing cycle
  1. For PayPal, we will require you to agree to the payment on your next billing date.
  2. If you agree, you can see the pending changes like:
    Pending Changes
    • Action
    • Details: Billing amount
    • Effective Date: A day after your next billing date

Payment options

You can pay for your subscription by making regular payments.

How you can pay

While we're going to support other payment methods like credit cards, now we support only as follows:

  • PayPal

    We accept PayPal payments. If you agree the payment from PayPal, we'll charge your PayPal for your automatic payments.

    Note: Payments cannot be created for PayPal users in China and Korea. If you have trouble paying, contact us at

Automatic payments

We charge your payment method each billing cycle (month or year) for the service you will use the next billing cycle.

You're charged when purchased and on the same day of each following month or year for the total number of seats in your team.

Also, we prorate for the number of days left in your billing cycle when you purchase more seats.

Billing currency

The US dollar is the only currency we support.


Team seats are subscriptions assigned to members in the team. Team owners and members each fill a seat so you can add member up to the seats.

Adding seats to your team

If you'd like additional users to have access to your team, you can purchase more seats anytime.

When you purchase more seats, you are immediately charged a prorated amount for additional seats for the number of days left in your billing cycle (including the day of upgrade). Additional seats are available to use immediately.

From your next billing date, you are charged the full amount. For more information how to purchase more seats, see here.

You can see billing examples.

Removing paid seats from your team

If you're not using all of the paid seats, you want to downgrade to pay for fewer seats.


We do not directly support reducing seats now. To reduce seats, simply cancel/downgrade your current subscription and subscribe newly with seats you want.

Managing your team's billing information

Setting your team's billing email

Your team's billing email is where DeepScan sends receipts and other billing-related information.

Team owners can set the billing email address in the team's settings page.

  1. In the team's settings page, click General tab.
  2. Under Email in Basic Information, enter an email address.
  3. Click Save.
Set billing email

Viewing your team's billing information

You can find out your team's billing information in the team's settings page.

  • Plan type and its billing cycle
  • The number of total and available seats
  • Total payment amount
  • Next billing date when you're next going to be billed
  1. In the team's settings page, click Plan tab.
  2. Under Summary, you can find out your team's billing information.
View billing information

Receiving and downloading receipts

The following receipts are sent to the team owner:

  • Transaction Receipt: Sent as soon as you are charged for a subscription.

Team owners can download past printable PDF receipts at any time from the team's settings page.

  1. In the team's settings page, click Plan tab.
  2. Under Payment History, click Download Receipt.
Payment History

Billing examples

For example, suppose that your team began a subscription on June 4th (5 seats monthly).

  • Initial purchase: June 4th, you subscribe 5 seats monthly
  • June 4th, you are charged 5 seats
  • July 4th, you are charged 5 seats (monthly subscription)
  • Upgrade: July 16th, you purchase 3 more seats
  • July 16, you are charged a prorated amount for 3 additional seats for the time between July 16th and August 3rd
  • August 4th, you are charged 8 seats