What's New and Noteworthy

September 2020 - A New Plan for Small Teams

We're launching Lite plan, a subscription designed to help small teams use the premium DeepScan features.

The Lite plan launches with the following at lower price:

  • A private project
  • Team dashboard

Thanks for your ongoing support. We look forward to seeing more people enjoying most of our premium services.

January 2020 - DeepScan for GitHub Students

Hi students,

To help you learn and enjoy better JavaScript, DeepScan gives a free trial for GitHub Students as part of the GitHub Student Developer Pack. If you qualify for the Pack, you can get the benefits.

Visit the Pack and apply our offer.

Happy with GitHub + DeepScan!

August 2019 - The Enterprise plan is coming!

Hi enterprise!

New plan for enterprise has arrived.

The Enterprise plan provides the suite of packages that users may be interested in licensing when they want DeepScan on private sources behind the firewall. It includes products such as editor plugins, SonarQube plugin, and CLI tools.

Please refer to this documentation for more details.

April 2019 - We're live in the GitHub Marketplace!

Hi there :)

As you've probably noticed, we registered our App to GitHub Marketplace later this April. 🎉

You can improve your GitHub workflows regarding code review and quality. Also, you can purchase your plan (with your credit card without using PayPal) and manage it on the GitHub platform itself.

Visit and learn more our DeepScan App in the GitHub Marketplace.

Happy githubing!

October 2018 - Announcing Teams and New Plan with Private Projects

DeepScan comes with some major changes. DeepScan introduces teams and new plan for private projects.

Below is a brief introduction of the changes.

Introducing Teams

DeepScan introduces teams. Alike a development team, teams are groups of members who collaborate on the projects.

By configuring a team on DeepScan, a development team can work together on a project — that means shared knowledge for up-to-date status and issue management.

You can now create a team, invite others to work together, and add projects.

Note for existing users:

  • Existing users and public projects will automatically belong to the default team (which has a name of GitHub user account).
  • Existing private projects are inaccessible. To access those, you need to subscribe a paid plan.
  • One private project is no longer supported. Instead, we provide a free 14-day trial.
  • Projects belong to the team not the individual.

Previously, DeepScan provided only one private project (beta).

Now DeepScan launches a paid plan for the team with private projects. Team with a paid plan can do the following:

  • Have 5 private projects corresponding to GitHub private repositories
  • Have Team Dashboard providing an overall picture of your team (activities and metrics like quality status, issues, and lines of code)
  • Collaborate with team members up to the seats you want

If you want to upgrade your plan, check out our Billing plans. You can try a free 14-day trial on the team's settings page.

Breaking changes for adding projects

Previously, DeepScan allowed anyone in GitHub organization to add the repository of the organization.

We think this is not very suitable to the team because:

  • Team members cannot share the status of the project.
  • Only the project created by owners of the GitHub repository is automatically analyzed by webhook.

Now adding a project has changed to align with team structure.

You can add a project only when:

  • You are an owner on DeepScan team.
  • You have a GitHub owner permission for the repository you want to add.