<textarea> with v-model directive should not have children

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This rule applies when <textarea> element with v-model directive has non-empty children.

If v-model is specified at <textarea>, the contents of <textarea> are completely determined by the value of v-model.
In this case, the contents specified by the children of <textarea> have no effect.

For example, the following code shows the value of message, but the contents 'Initial value' are ignored:

<textarea v-model="message">Initial value</textarea>

Noncompliant Code Example

View with compliant examples side by side
    <!-- Example 1 (Unnecessary contents) -->
    <textarea v-model="text">{{ text }}</textarea> <!-- VUE_TEXTAREA_WITH_USELESS_CHILDREN alarm -->

    <!-- Example 2 (Ignored contents) -->
    <textarea v-model="text">Please enter a value</textarea> <!-- VUE_TEXTAREA_WITH_USELESS_CHILDREN alarm -->

Compliant Code Example

View with noncompliant examples side by side
    <!-- Example 1 -->
    <textarea v-model="text" />

    <!-- Example 2 -->
    <textarea v-model="text" placeholder="Please enter a value" />


This rule was introduced in DeepScan 1.17.0-beta.


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