Return value of function without any return statement should not be used

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This rule applies when return value is used even though the function has no return statement.

It might be intentional, but it often is a programmer's mistake forgetting return statement.

Note: Not applied for the following idiomatic cases where the return value is not in actual use:

  1. Empty function
  2. Error function, which always throws exception
  3. IIFE(Immediately-Invoked Function Expression) call
  4. Return value is chained to another return or throw statement.
  5. Return value is used as an argument of void operator.

Noncompliant Code Example

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function add(x, y) {
    x + y;
var sum = add(1, 2); // MISSING_RETURN_VALUE alarm because function 'add' does not return a value.

Compliant Code Example

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function add(x, y) {
    return x + y;
var sum = add(1, 2);


This rule was introduced in DeepScan 1.0.0-alpha.