All occurrences should be replaced when escaping a special character

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This rule applies when only the first occurrence of a special character is escaped.

When using a string value as HTML or SQL content, special characters like ', ", <, > and \ often need to be escaped.

The escaping can be accomplished using String.prototype.replace(). However, some caution is needed because only the first occurrence is replaced in the following cases:

  1. The search value is specified with a string.
  2. The search value is specified with a regular expression, but the global flag (g) is missing.

If not all occurrences of a special character are escaped properly, the code may become vulnerable to injection attacks.

Noncompliant Code Example

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// Example 1
foo1 = foo1.replace('"', '\\"'); // INCOMPLETE_STRING_ESCAPE alarm because a string search value is used.

// Example 2
foo2 = foo2.replace(/</, '&lt;'); // INCOMPLETE_STRING_ESCAPE alarm because the 'g' flag is missing.

Compliant Code Example

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// Example 1
foo1 = foo1.replace(/"/g, '\\"');

// Example 2
foo2 = foo2.replace(/</g, '&lt;');


This rule was introduced in DeepScan 1.32.0.


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