Eclipse Plugin

DeepScan provides an Eclipse plugin which enables you to see bugs and quality issues on the fly in your Eclipse.


DeepScan's plugin for Eclipse helps you to see bugs and quality issues on the fly in your Eclipse. Once you enable it for the project, the builder is added and analyzes the project.

  • Report issues in the Problems view when you enable DeepScan or change its setting.
  • Highlight issues in the code.
Eclipse plugin


Requires Oracle JRE 8 or OpenJDK 8.


DeepScan for Eclipse provides project-specific settings.

DeepScan Preferences


Enable or disable DeepScan validation for the project.

Ignored rules

Specify rules to ignore. You can select a rule by clicking Add... button.

Pattern of files to ignore

Specify pattern of files to ignore. Each pattern follows the gitignore format.

You can ignore paths also for ESLint by selecting Apply also to ESLint checkbox.


Run ESLint. You can see the ESLint alarms with DeepScan's.

Node.js and eslint package are required in the local or global. Note that NODE_PATH environment variable is necessary to load the eslint module installed in global.

  • Enable: Enable or disable ESLint.
  • Merge option: Option for how identical issues of DeepScan and ESLint are merged. (defaults to deepscan)
    • Prefer DeepScan rule: Show only DeepScan issues
    • Prefer ESLint rule: Show only ESLint issues
    • Do not merge: Show all issues as is
  • Node interpreter: Specify Node.js executable when you don't have it in the PATH.