This document describes how to troubleshoot problems that may occur when installing or using your DeepScan instance.

Debugging during the DeepScan Docker stack installation process

Run the following command to check the status of the DeepScan Docker stack:

$ docker stack ps deescan-stack
# Check the output with full messages
$ docker stack ps deepscan --no-trunc

Note: For more information, see Docker stack ps document.

And you can view the logs from the DeepScan Docker stack:

$ docker service logs deepscan_core

After changing the docker-stack.yml file, restart DeepScan Docker stack for the changes to take effect:

$ docker stack rm deepscan
$ docker stack deploy --compose-file $DEEPSCAN_DATA/docker-stack.yml deepscan

After changing the conf.yaml file, restart DeepScan Docker stack for the changed configurations to take effect:

$ docker service update deepscan_core --force

How to find and read the system log file

The system log file lives in the path specified in the environment variable DEEPSCAN_DATA:

# Default log file name is 'deepscan.log'
$ tail -f $DEEPSCAN_DATA/log/deepscan.log

It contains all performed requests and events like the example below:

2019-07-01T16:50:46.230+09:00 - info: [JAVA MANAGER] init java reqId=null, reqSessionId=null, reqUserId=null, reqUserEmail=null
2019-07-01T16:50:47.129+09:00 - info: [JSA] DeepScan Started conf={ ... }
2019-07-01T18:16:37.453+09:00 - debug: [JSA-SERVER] Enter API GET /api/teams/5/projects/7/branches/7/analyses/7?client=GoIY_KJxJ reqId=UuSNACfo0N, reqSessionId=KI6TPsvqCY-CJOxTPfukbfSmOqjKFZUL, reqUserId=null, reqUserEmail=null
2019-07-01T18:16:37.465+09:00 - debug: GET /api/teams/5/projects/7/branches/7/analyses/7?client=GoIY_KJxJ 304 - 9ms statusCode=304,, url=/api/teams/5/projects/7/branches/7/analyses/7?client=GoIY_KJxJ, method=GET, referer=http:/, cookie=deepscan-session=s%3AKI6TPsvqCY-CJOxTPfu, user-agent=Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/75.0.3770.100 Safari/537.36, path=/api/teams/:teamId/projects/:projectId/branches/:branchId/analyses/:analysisId, responseTime=9, reqId=UuSNACfo0N, reqSessionId=KI6TPsvqCY-CJOxTPfukbfSmOqjKFZUL,, reqUserId=cjw75qr440000ec9sghvv0ij1
2019-07-01T18:16:37.527+09:00 - info: [JSA GIT] git clone success url=, branch=master, path=/opt/test/jsa_site/fs/7, result=, reqId=nVnONaLzQ, reqSessionId=KI6TPsvqCY-CJOxTPfukbfSmOqjKFZUL, reqUserId=cjw75qr440000ec9sghvv0ij1,
2019-07-01T18:16:37.528+09:00 - debug: [JSA GIT] git getCommit sha=undefined, reqId=nVnONaLzQ, reqSessionId=KI6TPsvqCY-CJOxTPfukbfSmOqjKFZUL, reqUserId=cjw75qr440000ec9sghvv0ij1,
2019-07-01T18:16:42.495+09:00 - debug: [JSA MANAGER] getRemoteBranchInfos success branches=[{"name":"master","commit":{"id":"9f5da255e37483c95269d642926b","short_id":"9f5da255", ...}], reqId=Uq-zMFbHkt, reqSessionId=KI6TPsvqCY-CJOxTPfukbfSmOqjKFZUL, reqUserId=cjw75qr440000ec9sghvv0ij1,
  • Timestamp: Timestamp when the event occured. It is in the ISO format with the timezone.
  • Log level: The logging levels. To reconfigure the logging levels or formats for debugging, you need to follow this debugging guide.
  • Module: The module name involved in the request
  • Message: The log message

You can also check the recent logs in the Monitoring > Logs. See this guide.

If none of these methods solve your issue, please send the logs as attachments to