Metrics API

This document describes the DeepScan metrics API.

You can access to the API after configuring the IP whitelist in the configuration file.


You can get all the metrics including information about the current state of your DeepScan.


GET /api/metrics

Example response:

    users_count: 4,
    teams_count: 3,
    rules_count: 182,
    sessions_count: 3,

The following metrics are available:


  • users_count: Number of users
  • teams_count: Number of teams
  • rules_count: Number of DeepScan rules
  • sessions_count: Number of sessions
  • lines_count: Number of lines which is the sum of each project's analyzed LoC


  • projects_count: Number of current projects
  • private_projects_count: Number of current private projects
  • cumulative_projects_count: Number of accumulated projects (including deleted ones)


  • analyses_count: Number of current analyses
  • analyzing_analyses_count: Number of analyses having 'Analyzing' status
  • pending_analyses_count: Number of analyses having 'Pending' status
  • cumulative_analyses_count: Number of accumulated analyses (including deleted ones)